We do not have menus; all food served is on the buffet.

We offer a wide variety of menu items each Thursday, Friday and Saturday. While there is some variation from day to day, you will generally find most of the following on any given day:


Fried chicken wingsmeatloafcountry fried steakham
chicken tendersturkey pot roastfried chicken liversoven barbecued baked chicken
Salisbury steakpot roastmeatballs


mashed potatoes
(real, not instant)
sweet potatoesBrusselsLima beans
black eyed peascarrotsmacaroni and cheesecorn
green beansfried okrastewed tomatoesturnip greens
fried potatoescooked cabbagesteamed veggie blendfried green tomatoes
spaghetti,cornbread stuffingbroccoli casserole squash casserole


cobblershot fudge sundae dessertapple crispcherry dump cake
peach cobblercinnamon puddingblueberry bread puddingpeanut butter delight
brownieshomemade ice cream
with toppings for your ice cream -
candies, chocolate, caramel, strawberries
German chocolate cakecoconut cake

Friday Night Seafood Buffet – Items available on seafood buffet only Friday from 4-7 p.m.

Now serving Grouper and Shrimp and Grits on the Seafood Buffet.

grouperfried cod filletsbaked tilapiafried popcorn shrimp
steamed shrimpfried oystersclam stripsFrench fries
stuffed mushroomsstuffed crabhushpuppiesshrimp and grits